Respect is the key word that our Managing Partner, CEO Mr. George Themistocleous stated on In Business TV when he was asked by Niki Michael what makes RSM Cyprus stand out as a Great Place to work.


He continued by saying, "When we first started as RSM, we believed that the work culture created within our company was a very important factor in having both our colleagues and partners happy and satisfied. This was our initial objective, and I feel that we've achieved it to a great extent. We respect people, we value people, and we promote collaboration and teamwork within the workplace. Together we develop a plan. Together we discuss our concerns. Together, we share our successes because, at the end of the day, it's all about collaboration."


Constantina Sergiou, Audit & Assurance, added, "RSM Cyprus has managed to make its personnel feel like they are part of an amazing team." She continues by saying, "Our company never stops evolving. It constantly provides us with training opportunities, which helps us grow both professionally and personally. Each of our opinions is respected and considered, no matter where we are in the company's organisational hierarchy."


Olympia Xenofontos, Audit Manager, continued, "The company places high value on effective communication. Cooperation and mutual respect exist between the partners with whom we always feel very close. Also, she said that as a new mum, she has managed to maintain a successful work-life balance since RSM Cyprus strongly encourages and values personal time."

Elena Maniatopoulou Hadjipanayi, Partner, board member and HR Advisory services, continued by saying, "RSM Cyprus has developed a holistic corporate structure that supports its workforce. We understand that our driving force and competitive edge are our people. As RSM Cyprus, we emphasise the continuous improvement of the skills of our human resources through continuous educational and practical training as an approved employer by the ACCA and ICAEW organisations."



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