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EU Business Advisory Services


RSM Malta offers you a broad range of EU-related services from project funding consulting options to application compiling and project management support.

The EU services arm is equipped to guide you in identifying the right source of financing to develop your project idea. The EU funding team can help you develop a project plan that meets the relevant milestones to ensure smooth and sustainable project implementation.

If you are a micro, small or medium sized enterprise, RSM Malta can help you apply for EU funding under the Business Enhance Scheme for SMEs. The areas of intervention targeted by the schemes are the following:

Business Growth

Business Diversification

Business Startup

Business Internationalisation

Business eCommerce

Business Consultancy Service


The above business areas are supported by the following grant schemes:


Open calls


SME Consultancy  services  Grant  Scheme - €1 million allocation

SME Diversification  and  Innovation  Grant  Scheme  - €8 million allocation

SME Internationalisation  Grant  Scheme  - €2 million allocation

SME eCommerce  Grant  Scheme - €5 million allocation

SME Growth Grant Scheme - €8 million allocation

SME Start-up Investment Grant Scheme - €7 million allocation


SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme


RSM Malta is authorized by the Measures and Division to provide consultancy services under the SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme.  Under this scheme your business could benefit from all the professional service lines offered by RSM Malta to develop your business in all areas addressed by the SME schemes.

The consultancy services offered include the development of Business Plans, Feasibility Studies, Process and Systems Reviews as well as Organisation and Operations Reviews.

Download the EU Funding Brochure here *


Should you wish to discuss the above opportunities further, kindly contact RSM Malta on +356 2278 7000 or email on [email protected].