Taxes are an essential part of a functioning business. However, the regulations and requirements of a company or organisation when it comes to tax can be a major hurdle in some cases.

If you run a business and would like tax advice, the team at RSM Malta is on hand. In addition to providing a range of key tax services, we understand the implications of taxation and offer a holistic approach to managing your accounts so that you can tackle this part of the company’s finances head on.

Here in Malta, there are many opportunities for both corporate and personal tax planning. This is available through a series of specialised methods that apply to both businesses and individuals – provided that they are done properly.

What tax services from RSM Malta can offer you

The tax advisory services and solutions we provide at RSM Malta are designed to offer you and your business fiscally optimised results. We focus on your total business operation and not just on your next tax return. Our tax consultants help you define the right overall position while offering creative, leading tax solutions that will help achieve your commercial goals.

Our team is made up of qualified accountants that are skilled in providing up-to-the-minute tax advice. In addition, we use our expertise to look beyond the here and now and create a system that helps your organisation in the years to come. 

We provide this short and long-term range of tax solutions for entrepreneurial companies, institutions, and individuals. This, in turn, maximises their value and wealth while minimising their tax liability within the parameters of the legislation. 

Our tax advisory services

Our tax advisory team can help you with a variety of areas involving taxation. Here is an overview of what these are.

Income tax

Companies registered in Malta need to submit an annual tax return to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue. This specifies the taxable income and any deductions that apply. As Maltese legislation is complex, our team of income tax advisory specialists can help you navigate the details so that you can remain compliant.

Tax on capital gains and stamp duties

These taxes have evolved in recent years. To help you make accurate calculations, our team can provide you with up-to-date details and assist with all your tax-planning requirements.

International tax planning and restructuring

For those thinking of moving their business to Malta, they are placing themselves in a premium position. Here, we have an attractive tax regime and we are one of the fastest growing financial centres in the world. Our team can help you build a smooth and efficient tax structure and provide dedicated tax solutions as you build your business here.

Corporate services and company formation

Here in Malta, the law has provisions for limited liability companies, commercial partnerships, branches of foreign companies, and trusts and foundations. Our team at RSM comprise a group of specialists who have years of experience in providing tax services for these types of business and can advise on all aspects of taxation.

Estate planning and trusts

If you need assistance with estate planning or trusts, the RSM Malta team of tax advisory specialists are on hand to work with you. They’re experts in the updated laws and legislations surrounding these areas and can provide the insight you need to find a solution.  

Indirect planning

We can assist with VAT registrations, along with VAT returns and other declarations.

Personal tax

As well as corporate tax, we are well versed in advising on personal tax planning. Our clients include entrepreneurs, company directors, and expatriates.

We talk through how personal tax works in Malta and provide advice and assistance to ensure your tax returns are accurate and detailed. We will also handle adjustment forms, appeals, and any objections, negotiating with the inland revenue on your behalf.

Additional services

In addition to the services listed above, we can also offer insights and guidance across transaction tax, along with tax risk, litigation, and investigations.

To take advantage of our full tax advisory services offering, or to find out more about how the team here at RSM Malta can help you in providing tax solutions for your organisation, get in touch today.  

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