Here at RSM Malta, we are audit specialists who provide the highest levels of service, working with our clients to meet their requirements. Our skilled team will take the time to work out what to do to successfully complete the task at hand and provide the perfect solution that meets the needs of our client.  

In order to provide these bespoke auditing solutions for your own organisation, we use robust specialist tools, resources and methodologies to enable our professionals to deliver high-quality assurance services. Our approach and processes are tailored to suit the size and nature of the organisation, so you can be assured of personalised audit and assurance procedures when you choose us.

What audit and assurance services from RSM Malta can offer you

Our team of qualified audit specialists is skilled in providing a measured response to any questions you have about our audit and advisory support services. With high levels of experience and expertise, our team is able to create a direct line of communication with you, so that you are aware of the processes we are using and why we’re implementing them.

To provide this level of support, we blend technical competencies with a detailed, robust knowledge of our clients and their markets. RSM Malta approaches the audit as a service for the benefit of stakeholders.

As part of our audit process, we identify the risks and establish the key controls to mitigate these risks. From there, we carry out the audit and provide you with our conclusions.

As a separate service to our professional auditing facility, our assurance solutions are provided by a multi-disciplinary team that can:

  • Assess financial management and internal controls 
  • Carry out operational reviews 
  • Run a business plan analysis 
  • Review any restructuring plans

We also offer technical services for efficient financial reporting. These include:

  • IFRS application and interpretation 
  • GAPSME local accountancy framework application and interpretation 
  • Companies Act application 
  • Preparation of financial statements 
  • Adequacy of disclosure

For all of the listed audit and assurance services, the RSM Malta team provides up to date regulatory technical advice. This is so that you can remain compliant in the most efficient and effective way.

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