Brace your Business in Response to Coronavirus

Businesses around the world and in Malta are dealing with the implications of the coronavirus. The disease outbreak is impacting demand, supply chains and workforce mobility. Travel bans and changes in consumer behavior are affecting sectors such as logistics, aviation, hospitality, tourism and consumer goods.

It is expected that the global economy will be negatively affected. Sectors might experience different impacts and recovery, with some going through potentially longer recovery periods. We can support your organisation to respond to the situation. We can co-create a plan and help you execute actions to mitigate risk and minimise negative effects of the coronavirus fallout.

We can support through:

  • Perform Rapid Business Risk Assessment to identify scenarios and the implications on critical functions, processes and activities
  • Develop an Action Route Map to the different scenarios and define policies, communications to manage People, Customers, and Supplier during disruption and force majeure 
  • Staffing Strategy to support the critical operations and responding to absences
  • Communications Planning to guard against reputational risk as well as confusion among employees, leaders,  and clients
  • Supply and Vendor Assessment and Mitigation Planning
  • Business Continuity Planning to run critical operations

Link here for our resource centre on the global insights around the Coronavirus 

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