Business growth through people.

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On miracles, opportunities and strategic actions for business growth through your people.

Whether I am in a client meeting with a small uprising enterprise of less than 10 staff members or a well-established group of 300+ employees, the local conversation about people issues touches on the same challenges:

  1.  Attracting, interviewing and sourcing candidates whose potential matches the business aspirations,
  2. Synergising the corporate and the employee’s personal values in the onboarding and training up for productivity in the shortest time possible,
  3. Reacting quickly to employee sweet and hot spots to retain as many of the high potential ones as possible.

It feels like fast-forwarding through the employee life-cycle at lightening speed.  

Yet most attempts at this break-neck speed of talent identification and development are being done by assigning an internal resource with HR responsibilities or recruiting a helping hand, to then trawl through manual processes and documentation hoping he or she turns out to be a miracle-maker.

If we want to improve the probability of hitting the jack pot on how to efficiently and effectively manage the candidate and employee experience in our employment, we need to think and act strategically. We need to maximise our limited resources, focus on promoting our employer brand and minimise the impact of the administratively burdening activities that is inherent to employing people.

This pervasive local reality coupled with the international rising chorus of the potential of Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence for HR fills me with positive trepidation. It is an opportunity for HR professionals to be at their best – enabling business growth by facilitating change in people through the orchestration of multi-disciplinary inputs.

Technology is synonymous with disruption. If we manage to support business leaders in gaining strategic advantage whilst supporting our workforce through such disruption, I welcome it with open arms.

At our Firm, both from our corporate experience and through our work with clients, we have witnessed these disruptive benefits first hand. Technology to power the employment life-cycle is nowadays more accessible. A business today, irrespective of size and the reserves available for investment, can utilise a mix of technology tools to redefine the candidate and employee experience. HR cloud and mobile solutions, social and personalised technologies are available in all shapes, sizes and prices.

In one of our recent gatherings, which we hosted for HR and business leaders about AI in HR, we all agreed that we need to increase more awareness on the massive opportunities available.

We will be doing our fair share of increasing awareness. We will share our own stories and our keen observations. We will all have to subscribe to a growth mindset, technical curiosity and business-savvy optimism. So, watch this space.

At RSM Malta, we pride ourselves at being the Trusted Advisor who can support you in taking your business, your finances, people practices and your employer brand to the next level.