RSM Malta

Construction Industry Scheme

The Construction Industry Scheme encourages operators to scrap and replace old machinery and equipment with new machinery and/or equipment that generates less environmentally harmful emissions.

Eligible applicants include companies, partnerships, self-employed persons and other legal entities who are engaged in any of the following activities:

  • Construction of immovable property, excavation and demolition contractors; ormanufacturing_construction_oil_gas_energy_industry_complex_blue.png
  • Provision (renting) of equipment to businesses engaged in the construction of immovable property, excavation and demolition contractors; or
  • Transportation of material related to the construction of immovable property, excavation and demolition contractors; or
  • Owners or operators of quarries and batching plants; or
  • Building and finishing contractors.

Eligible costs include only the replacement of heavy equipment and machinery that was manufactured prior 2015. The equipment and machinery must be movable in nature and specifically designed for executing construction tasks. The equipment may be considered eligible if it aids and supports construction and equipment that reduces the environmental impact of construction.

The co-financing rate is that of up to 40%. Malta Enterprise may consider to additionally co-finance either equipment which is powered by an electric engine (battery) up to an additional 20% or a further 10% if the new machinery is powered by a hybrid engine.

Should the applicant replace machinery which was manufactured prior to 2015 by second-hand machinery, Malta Enterprise may award a cash grant covering up to 25% of the costs incurred. The second-hand machinery should satisfy the following criteria:

  • It was manufactured after 2016; and
  • It has not been previously used in Malta; and
  • It is certified to meet the original environmental parameters as manufactured by a certified engineer.

Any costs related to hand tools, whether these are electrically powered or not, are ineligible.

Malta Enterprise will be accepting applications from 1st December 2020 up to 31st May 2021.