COVID19 Measures by RSM MALTA

At RSM, the safety of our partners, staff members, clients and their respective families remains paramount. Our first priority in this regard has been to adopt health and safety measures that are designed to protect us all, to the fullest extent possible, from the possibility of contamination. We will continue to monitor closely the situation and consequently the initiatives we will continue to take are likely to change and sometimes at short notice.

The measures that we are undertaking are intended to protect our staff whilst limiting the impact on client service. RSM Malta prides itself in offering the best possible service to our clients at any time. Our commitment to the highest level of quality service becomes even stronger at a time that is proving to be a challenging one for all.

In the current circumstances our firm’s policy is to work remotely and reduce as much as possible the level of physical interaction including that with clients. We will seek to find alternative ways of communicating with our clients where traditional face-to-face meetings, or on-site visits, cannot be entertained. We are prepared for this and already have the necessary tools and technology in place. Our managers and partners overseeing your account and work will be getting in touch with you close to the engagement date to agree how best to proceed in the circumstances.

In spite of everything, it would be foolhardy to assume that there will be no disruption caused by the proliferation of COVID-19. In these situations, honest and open communication will remain vital to help us understand how we can manage such situations, thus minimising disruption and keeping delays to a minimum. Our partners and staff will be there to guide our clients and to offer alternative solutions.

We are encouraged by the knowledge that we will find full cooperation from our clients end, and inspired by our belief that you share our same values of respect, integrity, innovation, teamwork and excellence.

This unfolding situation is presenting us with challenges which with our clients collaboration we are determined to overcome. We thank our clients for their co-operation and look forward to the day when this calamity will be behind us.

Should you have any queries or concerns on this topic please do not hesitate to email us on the dedicated address [email protected]. Alternatively, you can contact your respective engagement partner or manager.