Happy Data Protection/Privacy Day!

Data Protection/Privacy Day is celebrated each year on January 28. If you are also celebrating this day, you are on the right track. Securing personal information is of paramount importance and dedicating a day to it every year is a great start. In reality, we should be celebrating Data Protection Day every day. Here are some small steps you can take in the spirit of Data Protection Day every day:

  • Focus on Password Security – remind your employees to always use a strong password.
  • Keep all Devices Locked Down – no matter what devices your staff use for work, including laptops, smartphones or tablets, they should all require proper user authentication.
  • Keep Your Security Option Updated – protect your employees’ devices on regular basis to be sure that they have updated features to keep them secure. This includes firewalls and antivirus.
  • Remind Your Employees About Email Safety – your staff are bound to get phishing emails quite often. Make sure they know not to click on any links or download attachment from those emails.
  • Introduce an Outgoing Email Delay Mechanism - the majority of confidentiality breaches are caused by including the wrong recipient in an email. Whilst it is important to keep reminding staff to ensure that their email recipients are correct before clicking SEND, it is advisable to provide a short delay in the outgoing email process during which time the sender is allowed to successfully cancel the process - before it actually gets sent out.
  • Provide Training and Top-Ups to Your Staff – provide GDPR & Security awareness training to your employees on regular basis.