The Purpose of an EORI Number

The Economic Operators Registration Identification system, colloquially known as “EORI”, aims to connect every economic operator who interacts with the Customs Authority in any member state of the EU. These operators are given a unique prefix number, which can be used throughout the EU and can be communicated with the customs authority of any Member State.

This unique number is assigned by the Customs Authority in the Member State one applies in. Such number is valid throughout the Union and should be used in all communications with any of the EU Member States Customs Authorities where a Customs economic operator identifier is needed.

Economic operators established in Malta should request the assignment of an EORI number to perform commercial activity where customs procedures are concerned. Those operators who are not established in the EU, can apply at the Malta Customs in order to file in their first declaration or applying for a customs decision in Malta. If an economic operator intends to use export procedures from Malta, a local VAT certificate is required. Each economic operator will need to file in their respective declarations which includes their EORI number.

How can we help?

We would be happy to discuss any queries you may have relating to how one can apply for such a number. Through our specialised VAT team, we can handle the process of registering for an EORI number for both EU and Non-EU economic operators who are interested in carrying out operations through customs.

Get in touch with Karen Spiteri Bailey, Principal - Outsourcing and VAT Advisory ([email protected]) or Kenneth Cremona, Assistant Manager - VAT Advisory and Compliance ([email protected]).