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Redundancies: What should you keep in mind?

Redundancies can occur when certain roles are no longer required as the business has come to a complete halt. If this is the tough situation your business is facing, below are some pointers to keep in mind before going ahead with this option.

Redundancies do come at a cost – there are notice periods and several administrative matters to see to. Furthermore, there are legal responsibilities associated with re-employment should the role become relevant again for business operations in 12 months.


How can RSM help you manage your HR challenges during this business disruption?

  • Design workforce cost containment programmes and action plans;
  • Support your communication with employees and local employment authorities;
  • Help you out with organisational re-structuring;
  • Re-designing the roles within the organisation;
  • Assist you in tapping into European Funds to re-train employees;
  • Support you in managing a remote workforce;
  • Facilitate your redundancy administration such as calculating employee entitlements, notice periods, etc


We are also helping businesses (for free) tap into the local Government’s fiscal support measures. Find out more about such schemes here.


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