On the 30th of September, during an official launch, RSM Malta and Bureau Veritas signed a Memorandum of Understanding for the joint provision of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) advisory services.

Representatives of Malta's leading organisations attended the event, which was addressed by Mr George Gregory (Managing Principal, RSM Malta), Ms Vanessa D'Amato (Managing Director, Bureau Veritas), Mr Steve Ellul (Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise) and Mr Mikolaj Potocki (Sustainability Business Unit Manager, Bureau Veritas).


The partnership between the two firms aims to usher in a renewed collaboration within Malta's business community toward achieving common ESG goals. “By forging this strategic partnership, we are combining RSM’s expertise and knowledge in the social and governance areas with Bureau Veritas’ extensive specialisation in the environmental field. Both parties believe that synergies can be attained by combining our core competencies to service our clients better,” said Mr Gregory during his address.

Ms D’Amato highlighted “The reality of the matter is that the services we are discussing today have been around for a significant number of years - climate change, human rights  infringements, good governance, or the lack of, have been apparent to all for many a year - but now is the time to change and inflict change in the most effective and efficient manner possible and this is why we stand before you today – two reputable companies joining forces to deliver services that will enable you to meet the challenges of safety, the environment, social responsibility and a good quality of product and service.”

In his address, Mr Steve Ellul made reference to the global climate change crisis and why it is important that collectively we take action. He highlighted the numerous initiatives that the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise has embarked on and emphasised the importance of alliances, like the one between RSM and Bureau Veritas, aimed at combining expertise to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Mr Potocki delivered a presentation highlighting the ESG services available to companies through the strategic partnership between RSM Malta and Bureau Veritas Malta. The event was concluded with a networking breakfast.

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