RSM Malta

Transparency Report 2019

RSM Malta is pleased to present the firm’s Transparency Report for financial year ended 31 December 2019 which is being prepared in accordance with section 18 of the Accounting Profession Act, CAP 281.

Our firm embraces the transparency objectives of the EU Statutory Audit Directive that require auditors of public interest entities to publish annual audit transparency reports. This report is a public statement to all stakeholders of our commitment and efforts to have the necessary people, framework, policies, procedures and technology in place toperform high quality audits for clients. Performing high-quality audits and providing professional audit services objectively and ethically continue to be our main priority and are central to our commitment to serve the public interest. In our continuous drive to achieve the highest quality standards in 2019 we implemented RSM Orb, a new Global audit solution, which comprises methodology, software and tools that:

  • Adapt to differing circumstances and client’s unique business risks
  • Have an efficient and innovative technology platform
  • Scale with client complexity to provide a robust, quality audit.

Optimising our use of technology in audit has become fundamental to enable enhanced judgement and be more effective in addressing risk areas.

Following successful results in 2019 we are now facing a global pandemic which has taken the world by storm. The COVID-19 virus clearly poses challenges that will have repercussions and fallouts on different fronts. Our immediate focus has been to ensure that we keep our employees safe whilst continuing to extend services and meet our client needs. We set up a COVID-19 task force within the firm to draft and implement plans based on instructions and guidelines provided by the Ministry of Health. Our staff are working remotely and we have done our best during this time to introduce initiatives to help
our staff maintain a sense of group and community.

On a positive note the firm appointed two new partners in January 2020, namely Mr Donald Schembri and Mr Bertrand Spiteri. Their abilities and hard work will enable the firm to continue to grow and achieve tangible results in the future, despite the challenges it has to face. While many things around us are changing, one thing at RSM remains constant: our dedication to delivering the power of being understood to our clients, colleagues and communities. We believe that by taking the time to truly understand others and their aspirations, we are in a position to be a first-choice service provider and employer that helps others achieve their full potential.


Download 2019 RSM Malta Transparency Report