VAT Recapitulative Statement

The Recapitulative statement, colloquially known as a “Recap Statement”, is a VAT obligation which relates to intra-Community supplies of goods or services by Maltese suppliers to EU based businesses which have a valid VAT registration number. This statement relates to all supplies of goods or services except those services which are exempt in the customers country.

Recapitulative Statements are based on calendar quarters. Hence, in some instances the periods could be inconsistent with the VAT return period quarters. Moreover, Recapitulative Statements could also become a monthly submission if certain criteria are met.

Submission must occur within the given deadline as late filings will result in administrative penalties. This statement is required to be submitted once the supplies within scope have been made and should continue to do so from that point onwards even if no supplies have been made.

How can we help?

We would be happy to discuss any queries you may have relating to how to prepare the Recapitulative Statement and even assist in preparing such statement for you.

Through our specialised VAT team, we can handle the process of preparing this statement, ensuring that all relevant supplies are accounted for, verifying all suppliers VAT numbers, and ensuring that submissions are submitted within the given deadlines.

Get in touch with Karen Spiteri Bailey, Principal - Outsourcing and VAT Advisory ([email protected]) or Kenneth Cremona, Assistant Manager - VAT Advisory and Compliance ([email protected])