We at RSM Malta provide various valuation services, such as the valuation of businesses and entities, real estate and financial and non-financial assets.  Our team also offers reviews of a third-party valuations and support in business restructuring transactions.  

Our valuation team can provide independent advice to management and shareholders on the fairness of price and other financial terms of a proposed transaction.  This advice is formally required for certain transactions in many jurisdictions. Valuations often provide confirmation to management and shareholders on the fairness of transaction terms.  

At RSM Malta, we offer independent valuation support of pricing analyses which will help our clients analyse investment or disinvestment opportunities.  One of our core services is providing independent, objective advice to the management and shareholders to help determine the right price to pay or accept for a business.  

We also assist our clients in determining various aspects such as the fair value of the business, cash generating units, reporting units as well as separate assets including intangible assets such as brands/trademarks, technology, customer relationships, contract and expertise in their industry.  

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