Assisting clients with developing a stand-alone ESG strategy (or supplementing their corporate strategy from an ESG perspective) that is aligned with business objectives, balancing financial, economic, environmental, and social aspects.

  • Current state analysis on ESG trends and ESG readiness of the company
  • Determining ESG maturity (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats)
  • Identifying relevant material business risks related to ESG
  • Analysing key risks (including climate risk, decarbonisation, circular economy, financing)
  • Defining ESG vision to match maturity
  • Developing commercially competitive strategic options creating sustainable value that take a different approach to exploiting ESG opportunities and mitigating the associated risks
  • Support in choosing a strategic direction
  • Elaborating a set of objectives and tools
  •  Drawing up action plans
  • Establishing a monitoring system


ESG Strategy implementation change journey management and support

Following on from the development of the ESG strategy, we will assist companies with the implementation of the strategy by guiding organisational change to achieve the ESG goals set in the strategy. We will assist organisations to:

  • Implement the changes
  • Embed the changes within the company culture and practices
  • Review progress and analyse results

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