Bespoke Advisory Services

At RSM Malta, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive offering to all our clients.  RSM Malta offers the following bespoke advisory services: 

  • Specific agreed-upon procedures in accordance with International Standard on Related Services 4400 (“ISRS 4400”); 

  • Assurance engagements other than audits or reviews of historical financial information in accordance with International Standard on Assurance Engagements 3000 (“ISAE 3000”); 

  • Review of financial disputes; 

  • Pre-tender reviews; 

  • Assistance with tender compilations; 

  • Assistance with International Financial Reporting Standard 9 – Financial instruments (“IFRS 9”) impairment models; risk_advisory_consulting_complex_blue.png

  • Review of financial performance metrics for government entities; 

  • Specific economic and commercial analyses for planned transactions; 

  • Preparation of commercial brochures, business plans and information memoranda; 

  • Review of derivative hedging strategies;  

  • Analysis of financial data; and 

  • Feasibility studies and cost-benefit analyses. 

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Bertrand Spiteri 


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