Financial Modelling

Financial models are an integral part of a business decision-making process.  They enable organisations to assess the financial implications of business ideas and commercial decisions. The preparation of a robust financial model is the foundation of important, relevant and timely commercial decisions.  Companies usually requiredata_security_simple_blue.png financial models to anticipate future results of operations and evaluate decisions that are required to maximise shareholder value.   

Our team at RSM Malta assists clients in building financial models.  Our financial models help you gain a better understanding of your business, decide on a funding strategy and help you to reach a fair estimate of business value.   

Our models are adapted to your specific circumstances, are flexible in structure and are designed to easily incorporate changes in a fast-moving environment. 

We use short term cash flow forecasting tools to support operational decisions to manage cash and where businesses need to demonstrate liquidity.  

Our scenario planning models offer strategic planning and analysis capable of running sensitivity analysis and scenarios in the medium to long term.  Forecast validation and assurance provide confidence to lenders and stakeholders that the financial models are well-constructed. 

It is important to understand and incorporate the implications of emerging trends into your business decision-making.  Data analysis, troubleshooting and problem solving will help control, evaluate and understand complex data sets, develop customised calculation tools and provide visualisation and insights.   

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