Financial institution financing is one of the most common sources of funding.  Unlike equity finance, financial institutions such as banks do not take any ownership position in businesses.    

We at RSM Malta provide services relating to financial institution financing.  We provide our clients with financial and fiscal structuring advisory services.  We also assist our clients with the preparation of information memoranda, financial analyses and financial projections.  Recommendations on optimal financing models and structures are also provided by our team.  We also assist our clients with identifying potential financial or institutional investors and assisting with negotiations to financial or institutional investors. 

Our team offers financing strategies which ensure maximised shareholder and stakeholder value by identifying and evaluating which sources of finance may be available.  We oversee ongoing communication between management and stakeholders to maintain lender and borrower support. 

It is imperative to our team that we provide holistic and conflict-free advice to match your strategic objectives.   We offer hands-on assistance through the process of financial institution financing, from initial assessment and strategy to successful execution.  

Our integrated team of specialists helps you focus on the key questions to develop and implement financial institution financing and raise funds in alignment with your business goals. 


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