The management information required by each business varies, and that is why we do not provide a standard approach to all our clients. We strive to understand the specific business needs and particular key performance indicators that are relevant to the client’s industry and business.

Through our management information system, RSM Malta can provide periodic reports (either monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual) that will enable you to better manage your business and take informed decisions. We also commit to producing the agreed reports within a tight time frame from period end – this time frame is dependent entirely on your needs and can range from anything between 2 days to 15 days from period end.

The reports that we will provide are agreed at the outset and will be fine tuned as and whenever required, at no additional cost. Our services, which can be taken in whole or in part, include:

  • Detailed comprehensive income, balance sheet and cash flow statements
  • Profit or Cost centre reporting
  • Performance dashboard of KPIs
  • Full back-up notes to major balances
  • Analysis schedules of important balances
  • Budgeting and variance reporting
  • Explanatory commentaries.

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