TAX Compliance

Companies registered in Malta must submit an annual tax return to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue specifying the taxable income and any applicable deductions therefrom. With the ever increasing complexity of Maltese fiscal legislation, the relevant tax return has become exceedingly complex while constant changes in income tax legislation are putting increased pressure on those with the financial responsibility for such returns, often consuming a large amount of management time and effort.

Our tax unit can help control such expenses by efficiently providing you the services that you need. We have the necessary skills to provide the following services:

  • Assistance in the compilation of companies’ tax computations based on the audited financial statements of the company, including, where applicable, capital allowances schedules, balancing statements, capital gains computations, and claims for relief from double taxation;
  • Assistance in the preparation of the self assessment income tax return;
  • Assistance in the preparation of the Tax Index of Financial Data as required by the Income Tax Act;
  • Preparation of dividend warrants where applicable;
  • Online Submission of the relevant documents to the Inland Revenue Department on the company’s behalf;
  • Advice on amount of settlement tax to be paid by the company for the year of assessment;
  • Review correspondence received from the Inland Revenue Department and advice on claims and elections arising therefrom;
  • Maintaining all the tax accounts as required by the Income Tax Act;
  • Dealing with other communications relating to the company’s return with the Inland Revenue Department;
  • Registration of shareholders of the company, where required, for the purposes of a claim for refund as required by the Tax Refunds and Registration Procedure Rules;
  • Assistance in the preparation of the Malta tax refund application, where required, in terms of the Income Tax Management Act and submission of the application to the Inland Revenue Department.

We can give you assurance on accuracy together with the knowledge that we will always be on the look out for potential tax saving opportunities on your behalf.

VAT Compliance

RSM Malta can ensure that correct and timely procedures for VAT are in place within your organisation, advising on areas of savings and changes to internal procedures for cost-efficiency and cash flow improvement. We will work closely with you to provide timely and cost effective solutions to problems. 

Our services, which can be taken in whole or in part, include:

  • Preparation of periodic VAT returns;
  • VAT planning for particular complex business transactions;
  • Cross border VAT assistance;
  • VAT review;
  • Assistance with VAT department investigations and advice thereon.

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