If you are a small to medium-sized company pursuing growth, you are probably experiencing increasing pressure to find, manage and retain the necessary talent to achieve your business targets.

A growth strategy coupled with a larger headcount creates pressure on employers to formalise and structure informal or ad-hoc HR processes that so far have proven sufficient but may no longer be effective. With a growing workforce, employers must increase transparency and consistency in the treatment of individual cases. With the talent shortage that is plaguing employers in Malta, it’s imperative for you to retain your best resources. In order to achieve your growth objectives, you should focus the rewards on new and evolving performance expectations. The pressures are never-ending.

These growth-induced pressures require a stronger and more coordinated chain of policies and processes in the management of the employee lifecycle. Such policies and processes would also have to be fully in line with the local employment legislation and best practice. This poses a number of challenges: the appropriate expertise might not be readily available in-house; a full-time experienced resource would be too costly; or a junior HR administrative resource would need proper mentoring.

HR consulting solutions with RSM Malta

At RSM Malta, we can help to alleviate these concerns through our HR consulting services. We can offer a toolkit that is easy to tailor and deploy – one that addresses these immediate pain points for SMEs, including:

  • Policies and guidelinespeople_world_day_green_complex.png
  • How-tos and process mapping
  • Identification and implementation of lightweight HR-related digital solutions
  • Profiling and selection support for the recruitment of key positions for your growth strategy
  • Support for complying with the new requirements of processing personal data
  • Performance metrics and processes
  • Salary models and business-specific benchmarking
  • Incentives and rewards
  • Scenario resource planning and talent-gap analysis
  • Mentoring
  • Succession planning

Our approach to providing HR advisory services

As part of our HR consultancy offering, we will put at your disposal a selection of professionals from the HR, business, technology and financial advisory teams for an efficient and incisive service so that you can focus your resources on the core competency of your business.

Our HR consultancy specialists will be on hand to offer swift, decisive responses to any queries or challenges you may have. We firmly believe in open and honest communication as a key pillar of our promise to provide premium HR consulting services and you’ll benefit from complete transparency at all times.

When it comes to HR consulting, we are ideally positioned to deliver a comprehensive service. As part of RSM’s global network of 800 offices across 120 nations, we can tap into a wealth of knowledge and experience across multiple territories to help your business overcome the challenges it faces.

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