It provides clarity and focus for the rest of the organisation. It requires making choices that will then guide tactical execution, leadership and organisational culture.

Covid-19 has spurred market and competitive changes that have deep-rooted societal and business implications. We have observed sectors collapse, others get born, markets shape-shift, customer preferences change, social e-networking take over physical interactions and digital lifestyles give way to new products and services.

The talent war has taken on a new meaning. As a result of Covid-19 and the re-awakening of a social conscience we have witnessed the great resignation.

Other influences such as environmental, social and governance demands are creating heightened societal awareness of sustainability. There are mounting pressures on businesses to be, act and lead responsibly.

Your business or organisation is not immune to any of these changes.

What are the mega-trends disrupting your business? What are your markets expecting of you? Who is the new competition, alternative products/services that you are competing with? What is the value that your target customers search for? How are you reaching your target markets?  What is the organisational talent that can propel you into the future? How can technology automate the mundane and free you to focus?

If you have not asked yourself and your leadership these hard questions, it is high time that you do.

How we’ve been of support to our clients so far:

  • Conducted external macro environmental assessments of the context in which the organisation operates
  • Completed internal organisational assessments to review performance
  • Mapped out the influences to help shape the high-wind directions and choices
  • Facilitated the process of defining the strategic thrusts and programmes, prioritising, budgeting, and resourcing
  • Designed strategies, opportunity assessments, feasibility studies, business plans and action plans
  • Provided leadership support in translating strategy into action

We can help you through the process of self-reflection and future-gazing to design the game plan for the upcoming years for your business. Contact us today to start the conversation.

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