Technology has long stopped being a thing for the techies. Business owners understand the central role of IT for their business. Cyber security is constantly under threat, from phishing to Business Email Compromise (BEC). Many still think that their data is not worth stealing, until it is ransomed and they realise that they are ready to pay up significant money to retrieve their data. 

The management of any organisation faces the task of ensuring that they understand the risks and set the right priorities. Management does not need to learn technical jargon or keep up with the pace of IT change. The complexity cannot be an excuse for senior management to divest responsibility to technical staff who have no vision of the business strategy. 

What they do need is to ensure that a solid governance framework is formalised and established so that they can monitor the IT processes from a dashboard that makes sense and easy to understand. They need to ensure that this is supported by the right supporting processes, along with the right enabling technology. 

At RSM, we help management take control of allocating resources to deal with cyber security, actively manage governance and decision making relating to cyber security, and build an informed and knowledgeable organisational culture. 

We pride in being an independent advisor, with no obligations towards any vendor. This said, we do support clients in implementing technical solutions of their choice. 

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