Intelligent and effective use of technology is vital to an organisation's success. Smooth running systems and electronic business processes are a primary requirement to remain competitive, drive down costs and increase customer satisfaction levels. Many organisations have realised the potential benefits brought about by integrated enterprise application such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The right solution will offer unprecedented opportunity to support business growth, control costs and empower your workforce with effective management information made available in a timely manner.

data_simple_technology_communication_complex_blue.pngHowever, selecting the right application and implementing it is not a core expertise for many organisations and there are many risks associated with such a change. ERPs and other enterprise applications such as CRM are complex in nature since they integrate various modules in order to automate and link the various business processes within your organisation.

At RSM Malta, our resources will combine sound business knowledge with proven experience in helping clients select, deploy and use ERP or CRM solutions in various industries. Our resources know from experience where the risks are likely to lie, and will help you to avoid these whilst retaining our focus on helping you to get the business benefits from your ERP or CRM investment, rather than just going live with a system. Our services for typical ERP or CRM projects include:

  • Develop a business case for change
  • Carry out business and system requirements analysis,
  • Prepare vendor short listing and assistance in selection,
  • Develop systems integration strategy and blueprints,
  • Design or review business process controls,
  • Project management the implementation,
  • Provide support through data migration, testing, and roll out, and
  • Perform post implementation reviews in order to assess whether the solution has met its objectives and identify areas which need refining.

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