Project management is an art, which must be conducted with surgical precision. If you have a complex project and you do not have the necessary expertise to manage it, then let us manage it for you. Most executives have personal experience of IT projects that failed to deliver the anticipated benefits. Many organisations do not have in-house such capabilities and resort to appointing and independent project manager to ensure the effective execution of the project on time and on budget.

RSM Malta can offer you project management services by assigning one or more of our experienced (Prince2 certified) project managers with hands-on experience in order for you to allocate the right resources, be in control, and finish the project on time.

  1. Developing a business case,
  2. Develop project management framework and identify governance structures,
  3. Project management resourcing,
  4. Project Support Office (PSO) services,
  5. Project assurance services.



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