We assist with initiatives on Shared Services Centers and outsourcing programs, from the exploration of the concept up to the startup and operational phases. We have broad expertise in advisory services involving analysis, design, implementation and improvement of Shared Services Centers worldwide.

Benefits of the implementation of shared services include:

  • Improves user’s experience.
  • Higher efficiency in managing labor demand.
  • Enables combining services between business units.
  • Internal controls and corporate governance.
  • Better executive information.
  • Documented processes.
  • Improves the skills and tools for mergers and acquisitions of businesses.
  • Increases the levels of flexibility and trust.
  • Continuous improvement.
  • More simple and more effective organizations.
  • Leadership in your industry sector.
  • Through economies of scale.
  • Through efficiency in processes.
  • Maximizing the investment (real savings).
  • Better profile definition.

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