In some instances, companies need to execute projects that are complex due to their nature, scale, involvement of multiple teams, technical complexity, or a combination thereof. In such situations, it becomes necessary to involve a dedicated team to support management from strategic, tactical, and operational fronts.


Management Assurance of the project is a service aimed at supporting Senior Management and the Project Team in monitoring and controlling project management. This is achieved by:

  1. Methodically monitoring and diagnosing project activities.

  2. Advising the Project Management and the Organization's executive team in decision-making related to the implementation process.

  3. Managing existing risks regarding project planning, project management, execution, methodical monitoring, administration, and change management.

  4. Advising senior management on controlling the impact of change on business processes, organizational structure, technological platforms, and corporate culture.


Many projects fail even before starting because organizations undertake them without having established and organized all project components, or without referencing the purpose, scope, resources, and management mechanisms that will be used to ensure the achievement of the objectives pursued.


For some large-scale projects, in terms of time, scope, and team, it becomes necessary to involve a management control entity known as a Project Management Office or PMO. These PMOs are temporary, with the purpose of overseeing one or more strategic projects, and are generally guided by a third party focused on the project's success.
RSM has had the opportunity to develop experience and methodologies to carry out these supports and thus contribute to the management and control of strategic projects.


In today's environment, many organizations do not have the resources to take on a large and complex project. Frequently, companies come to RSM to look for an ally to lead their projects because they need additional help to coordinate the different aspects that a project involves, such as scope, time, costs, quality, resources, communications, risks, acquisitions and stakeholders.



Project Management Oversight (PMO) focuses on the project contract, compliance with contractual commitments, and commitments made during the project's development. It serves as a control and protection function for the client's investment.


On many occasions, organizations are faced with the decision to continue or cancel a project. This situation typically arises after a long period of execution without tangible achievements, resulting in cost overruns, uncertainties, and a decrease in team morale.
To enable organizations to make a well-supported decision, RSM provides project diagnosis services by conducting a comprehensive assessment of the project's status and presenting recommendations based on findings regarding the decision the company should make regarding the project's continuity.


For situations where projects have reached a state of almost paralysis, but the organization needs to move forward, RSM provides specialized consultancy to conduct an objective analysis of the situation and propose the necessary mechanisms for relaunching the project, incorporating all aspects necessary to ensure its successful completion.