RSM Cyprus has a deep, multidisciplined understanding of blockchain and digital assets. We can help and support Companies navigating this exciting, though complex, new world.

RSM aims to provide all our core services (audit, tax, and consulting) in a blockchain and digital asset-enabled world.

What truly distinguishes blockchain from other technological solutions is its ability to provide undeniable transaction verifications. This valuable feature allows for the recording, execution, and auditing of transactions as well as automating contracts in real time on distributed ledgers. 

Blockchain applications, methods, and treatment demand special and knowledgeable considerations. When dealing with challenges like audit, anti-money laundering, technology implementation, data and asset custody, operational risk, taxation, valuation and regulation, RSM professionals bring you a deep understanding that grasps the industry’s demanding requirements.

Digital assets, through the use of new, potentially more efficient payment and settlement methods, represent a huge opportunity for growth and innovation. 

Currently, though, this potential is being obstructed by current regulatory uncertainties since a fundamental requirement for full acceptance of digital assets is that they are appropriately transparent and auditable without imposing undue compliance burdens that restrain innovation. 

By combining oversight and audits, we can assist investors and entities using service organisations in utilising the digital asset ecosystem.


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