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UK, Croatia, Slovenia, Serbia and FYROM's National Champions celebrate

During the last two days, events were held in London and Zagreb to honour the UK, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia and The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia National Champions of the European Business Awards 2016/17 programme.

How smart manufacturing is pushing the industry forward

While the industry landscape looks uncertain, manufacturing has been transforming. Technology is transforming the industry. So much so that we find ourselves in the fourth Industrial Revolution.

IFRS key considerations for closing out 2016

A high-level overview of new and amended standards and interpretations that need to be considered for financial reporting periods ending on 31 December 2016

Reflections on the future of accounting and reporting - a conversation with Mark Vaessen

Reflections on the future of accounting and reporting -  a conversation with the chairman of the Corportate Reporting Policy Group at the Federation of European Accountants, looking at the possible effects of Brexit on the development of IFRS.

The Global Real Economy - TPP, Brexit and Ireland

The third edition of the RSM's Global Real Economy, with insight on the Trans Pacific Treaty, Brexit and it's effect on different industries, and the Rep. of Ireland's 2017 budget and how it relates to multinational companies.

Issue 64 - IFRS News in Brief

Breaking IFRS news, including publications, announcements, and decisions by the IASB.

China’s blossoming middle class presents fruitful opportunities for the middle market

China is home to a thriving community of mega businesses, but it also offers opportunities to foreign middle market companies that are looking to expand their footprint or launch in new markets. As a network we pride ourselves on having the local knowledge our clients need to succeed and a growing number of these clients see their future in China.

The challenges of China

An article by David Bartlett, RSM's Economic Adviser. Foreign middle market businesses surveying the Chinese market in 2016 will encounter a more challenging environment than the one multinational corporations faced during the early years of China’s global economic opening.

Indirect Tax Update - October 2016

Breaking news from the RSM Europe VAT Group, including updates from the EU, UK, Netherlands, Germany, Portugal, Ireland and Luxembourg.