Reflecting on 2022

Welcome to our 2022 Global Annual Review. This Review has been written to provide insight into RSM’s activities around the world, the drivers of our growth, our operations, and the positive impact we are seeking to create through delivering on our brand promise – The Power of Being Understood.


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An introduction from our CEO

The backdrop to RSM’s year, as with so many businesses globally, is one of turbulence and change. It is clear that we have entered a new and transformative business age, characterised by digital-first, data-driven technological products and services, new approaches to working, and a clear focus on sustainability and purpose-driven action. The expectations, needs and wants of our clients and people are evolving at pace, demanding that we provide seamless, personalised and forward-looking experiences and solutions, using a combination of world-class technology and expert human insight.

As the leading provider of professional services to the global middle market, over recent years, we have modernised our approaches and built our agility and resilience. We have put in place technologies to continue to deepen our dedication to quality and trust, explored new services while developing our existing offerings, and begun to look at ways to empower our people with data and automated systems. As you will read, this has resulted in fantastic growth, but we recognise that what has made us successful in the past will not alone keep us successful going forward.

“Our aim is to empower our our clients, colleagues and communities to make confident decisions – by ensuring that we work collaboratively with them to deeply understand their needs and bring ideas and insights to their environment.”

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Jean M. Stephens, Chief Executive Officer, RSM International

RSM’s 2022 Global Financial Results

At RSM, our purpose is to instill confidence in a world of change. Our rapid growth is the result of our professionals supporting clients in over 120 countries to unlock value despite operating in an environment of unprecedented change and unpredictability.

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At RSM, we help clients overcome new challenges, embrace change and adapt to thrive.

By working together, creating deep insights, combining world-class technology and real-world experience, we deliver understanding that’s unmatched, and confidence that builds.

 For a changing world. 

 For the future.                 

 For all.                                   

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The development of RSM's 2030 Global Strategy

Image removed.“As a global organisation, RSM has an overarching Strategy that defines the direction of the Network and provides a framework to which all Member Firms align. An experienced international team was formed by the International Board and CEO to collaboratively develop a new 2030 Global Strategy for RSM.”

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Joe Adams
Chairperson, RSM International Ltd. Board of Directors


Our vision is to be known globally for delivering innovative solutions, lasting value and confidence.

We focus our investments, activities and efforts, on four Strategic Drivers:

Global Annual Review | 2022


Driving an unrivalled, inclusive culture and talent experience.

2022 global 'People' activities



Delivering rich, personalised client experiences and market-leading insights.

2022 global 'Clients' activities



Championing and embracing future-focused, digital, agile and global delivery models.
2022 global 'Technology' activities



Industry-specific approaches, and compelling global products and services.

2022 global 'Solutions' activities

Global Annual Review | 2022
An overview of RSM's global areas of focus:

Creating Positive Impact