Business Design and Digital Transformation

Business Design & Digital Transformation

A performing company, with an appropriate and effective organisational structure, is the key for facing challenges like globalisation, technology changes, human resource development and talent capturing. Companies are required to be more flexible and capable of balancing focus on current results by creating future growth options. RSM offers an integrated service redefining by design the boundaries of the company, by working on new business models and defining a new value proposal, with innovative methodological approaches that are customer oriented and based on appropriate digital solutions.


To face challenges, support changes and support businesses, we have identified a team of professionals with the best skills:


Strategic consulting

Thanks to the experience and expertise of its consultants, working alongside managers, company directors, financial institutions, turnaround professionals and entrepreneurs, RSM is able to offer specific corporate restructuring consultancy.

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Creative industry, business design & gamification

Creativity is an increasingly important factor in corporate innovation, as it is a determining factor in companies’ competitive capacity.

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Organisational models

Analysing and redesigning business processes shines a light on the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s most critical processes.

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Professional training represents a pillar of personnel management policies for almost all companies due its direct correlation with issues such as individual productivity, team working, quality, career paths, welfare.

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Digital strategy

The era of the digital stand alone project is over. Today, the digital aspect is present in every move the company makes. Analytics influence every decision made and emerging technologies provide a visible and considerable advantage.

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Business intelligence, data mining e analytics

The digital revolution has created a massive influx of information that shows no signs of slowing down.

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