Federico Baraldi

Federico is Director at RSM Società di Revisione e Organizzazione Contabile S.p.A.

Federico joined RSM in 2018 and has more than 20 years of experience in Audit and Assurance at leading auditing firms, thanks also to the numerous assignments he has held with industrial and service companies at national and international level.

Federico is a registered auditor, teaches courses both internally within the company and for training organisations (Unione Nazionale Revisori Legali - National Union of Legal Auditors), and is a member of the Auditing Commission set up at the Modena Order of Chartered Accountants.


  • Director of RSM Società di Revisione e Organizzazione Contabile S.p.A. 
  • Responsible for managing client relations 
  • Responsible for the audit of annual and consolidated financial statements of companies adopting national and international accounting standards 
  • Responsible for the audit of reporting packages in accordance with group accounting standards 
  • Audit and Assurance resource planner 


  • Auditing of national and multinational groups 
  • Auditing of groups listed on the Milan Stock Exchange 
  • Audit of reporting packages and/or specific financial statement items (Agreed Upon Procedures) 
  • Accounting due diligence activities 
  • Auditing of professional football clubs 


  • Manufacturing 
  • Plant construction 
  • IT 
  • Food 
  • Chemical 
  • Healthcare 
  • Sport
  • Utilities