Multiple uses of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence allows to rapidly “read” large amount of data, which can both be used to obtain information and to automatize processes or making them more efficient. Companies are increasingly exploiting AI applications by replacing or supporting human beings in case of repetitive activities or enabling new processes and functions.

Innovation also means discontinuity

AI advantages have now been proven and are crucial for any organisation to be competitive on the market. Its advent, however, has given rise to some discontinuity between those sectors realising its potential from the very beginning and those that are closer to the traditional model.

As a matter of fact, Artificial Intelligence cannot “only” be considered as a new technology, but also as promoter of sector revolution and business models of the organisation using them. In view of its innovative impact, it could take long before AI-based operational models can jenerate profits.

No doubt, hoewever, that Artificial Intelligence is bound to become one of next future protagonists and dominate markets, togheter with our personal and social lives.


Artificial Intelligence and value creation

There can be three different directions in value creation deriving from IA application: clients’ experience, new revenues, cost reduction.

  • Clients’ experience

Using AI allows analysing large amounts of data about one’s own and possible clients. It will therefore be easier to know how to meet their needs, how to get in touch with them understanding their needs and problem in advance and accordingly provide “tailored” solutions.

The possibility of offering clients both solutions and offers meeting their interests or requests turns into a significant amelioration of client’s experience and into his greater satisfaction and therefore customer loyalty to product or service provider.

  • New revenues

Artificial Intelligence also allows finding new products and services to be offered to clients, based on predictive analysis of their needs.

  • Cost reduction

Among the main benefits deriving from Artificial Intelligence use, we find reduction of corporate overall costs, thanks to the possibility of automatising some processes and therefore saving staff costs.

AI, therefore, goes well beyond process automatisation that was previously done bu human beings. Just think of algorithm allowing inefficiencies and/or malfunctioning detection in workflow, suggesting how to solve them or of Speech Analytics tools, providing analysis and understanding of telephone conversations, performing preliminary phases of call center assistance process.


RSM uses Genya CFO and Revisya software, Artificial Intelligence algorithm for auditing

The importance of automatising each step of accounting process in order for it to be traced and mapped, avoiding making mistakes and imprecision, toghether with “certifying” the work in case of control, have prompted the decision of launchin new generation software like Revisya and Genya CFO

Genya CFO, in particular, has been designed for managing company crisis. (If you want to know more, click here).

This has helped RSM to reach top level in auditing and accounting organisation.

The two software systems are innovative and smart instruments, automatising basic functions of auditor’s activities, leaving RSM consultant both space and time to provide his client a larger and more strategic support. Revisya support auditor throughout the process in a totally innovative way, while Genya CFO provides a marked simplification of all necessary processes.

Contact us to find out how RSM is using Artificial Intelligence instruments to improve it service range.

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