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Rocco Abbondanza
Managing Partner
Services: Statutory audit area

Giuseppe Caroccia
Senior Partner

Luca D’Ambrosio
Partner – International Contact Partner
Services: Statutory audit area

Mario Abis
Services: Great innovation area

Fabrizio Bulgarelli
Services: Consulting services area, Statutory audit area

Giuseppe Capriuolo
Services: Consulting services area

Davide Grassano
Services: Consulting services area

Luca Pulli
Services: Great innovation area

Gabriele Tipaldi
Services: Consulting services area

Alessandro Vietri
Services: Consulting services area, Great innovation area

Monica Barzaghi
Director (Salary Partner)

Office Services

Statutory audit

RSM core service is the statutory audit pursuant to Legislative Decree 39/2010 for private companies, Public Interest Entities (EIP) and Entities in Interim Regime (ERI). Our approach, closely related to the most advanced technologies available, is based on the company and market’s knowledge and on the risk assessment of the company and its en...

Audit on a voluntary basis

The audit on a voluntary basis includes all the auditing activities carried out outside the legislation required by Legislative Decree 39/2010. This service includes audit on a voluntary basis of the financial statements, limited review (review), audit of specific accounts as well as the agreed upon procedures on specific financial statements balan...

Audit of the financial information for consolidation purposes

Being part of an international network, the audit of the financial information prepared for consolidation purposes ("reporting packages") is a significant service. In particular, this activity involves an important coordination with other RSM International member firms around the world. International coordination in RSM network is one of the key fa...

Audit of pro-forma financial information

Pro-forma financial information includes normally balance sheet, income statement, cash flow and notes representing, through appropriate adjustments, the impacts of an event or a transaction – occurred before the reporting date - on the historical financial figures and disclosure of a company. Generally used by public companies to disclose the im...

IAS/IFRS and US GAAP transition and implementation

It is strictly recommended for Italian companies in a growing phase or active at international level as well as Italian companies part of International groups having knowledge of the main accounting standards adopted at group level, in particular International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS / IFRS) and American accounting standards (US GAAP). ...

Attestation services

Attestation services represent a large area of ​​activity for RSM. The continuous modification of the auditing standards relating to the attestation activities as well as their multidisciplinarity require an updating in RSM both at national and International level. ...

IPO process support

RSM supports companies in the IPO process both on primary market and non-regulated AIM market. These services include the issuing of the requested "Comfort Letters" as well as the preparation and analysis of economic and financial projections (budget and Business Plans). ...

Financial due diligence

The extraordinary transactions represent a unique and complex phase for a company. Through financial due diligence services, by collecting, analyzing and understanding financial, commercial, environmental and IT information, RSM provides analysis for historical, current and prospective developments in order to support companies in acquisitions, div...

Valuation services

RSM offers business valuation services in order to satisfy multiple customer needs. These services include assessments of the financial statements, impairment test, purchase price allocation, independent valuation in the context of acquisitions or mergers and support in legal disputes as independent experts. The valuation services are performed ...

Attestation on forecasted financial information

In a context of corporate restructuring processes or in case of assurance on prospective information, RSM delivers to customers and their shareholders Independent Business Review (IBR) and business plan attestations. ...

Risk advisory services

Among risk advisory services, we support the Internal Audit function or, in case the Internal Audit function has not been appointed, we are available to take the full outsourcing of the Internal audit function; in addition we assist our clients to design an effective internal control system in compliance with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley ...


Convergence, understood as the combination of a new way of thinking and multiple technologies, is one of the most important discontinuity elements of recent years, having profoundly undermined and restructured all the key dimensions that formed the society we lived in: from consumption and business models to processes that form public opinion...

Design thinking

In recent years, companies have evolved to deal with increasingly complex market instability, more and more demanding customers and the need for detailed strategic plans. These are just some of the new scenarios that businesses and managers must address. In this new competitive context, it has emerged that people are the true value and driving f...


In the past 5 years, gamification has consolidated itself as an organisational learning strategy aimed at remodelling the entire training and corporate growth process.  Gamification has a significant impact on: Innovation New design for employees’ performance journey Globalisation and democratisation of education Greater emplo...

Creative industry

Creativity is an increasingly important factor in corporate innovation, as it is a determining factor in companies’ competitive capacity. RSM has developed a certain culture and set of skills, based on scientific relationships, to establish the conditions of the context, relationships and vision in complex companies and organisations, and to d...

Digital strategy

The era of the digital stand alone project is over. Today, the digital aspect is present in every move the company makes. Analytics influence every decision made and emerging technologies provide a visible and not-insignificant advantage. Companies must take these opportunities into account, but also evaluate their willingness to adapt to changes. ...

Digital transformation

Every digital transformation is going to begin and end with the customer […].” Marc Benioff, Chairman & Co-Ceo, Salesforce. What is digital transformation? A necessary break, a fundamental change in the way in which an organisation offers value to its clients. Digital transformation is the process of integrating digital technology to ...

Strategic consulting

Thanks to the experience and expertise of its consultants, working alongside managers, company directors, financial institutions, turnaround professionals and entrepreneurs, RSM is able to offer specific corporate restructuring consultancy. If you are an investor, RSM offers solid and pragmatic business consultancy aimed at improving performance...

M&A Advisory

RSM is able to assist its clients in the origination and execution of M&A operations, including internationally, by making use of its global network. On one hand, RSM’s distinctive factor is its ability to offer clients a team of professionals with a multidisciplinary background and experience in corporate finance and management consultancy; ...

Business intelligence, data mining and analytics

The digital revolution has created a massive influx of information that shows no signs of slowing down. Data is everywhere; it is created all the time and is deeply rooted in companies’ processes. Today, everyone expects to be able to access new information and use it for everyday decision-making, as well as to satisfy their own curiosity about n...

Organisational models and process analysis

Analysing and redesigning business processes shines a light on the efficiency and effectiveness of a company’s most critical processes. These are key factors for providing a top quality service in the most efficient way and at the most competitive cost and production time. Effective organisation with optimised processes is the key to tackling ...

Social and market research

By building new tools and interpretation models based on its extensive interdisciplinary experience, RSM combines qualitative and quantitative research activities with strategic consultancy to immediately connect research data with tactical and strategic choices, which can then be applied to corporate decision-making processes. The strategic con...

Marketing & communication

RSM is an expert in Market Research and Marketing & Communication, availing itself of the professional knowledge and scientific experience of Partners who have operated in the sector for decades, both nationally and internationally. It carries out qualitative and quantitative research applied to different market sectors alongside monitoring ...

Industry 4.0 and facilitated financing

RSM helps companies study and develop corporate projects, helping them meet their financial needs through facilitating financing and tax benefits. The “Funding & Business Development” division, using tools made available by the national legislator and the European Commission, enables companies to achieve a competitive advantage over their c...

Technological consulting

RSM supports entrepreneurs in the personalized choice of strategies, business models and technologies suitable for achieving corporate objectives and facilitating the paths of innovation and transformation necessary to compete in an increasingly challenging market, in harmony with the vision and culture of entrepreneurs. RSM supports the competi...

Support services for companies in financial and operational difficulties

Restructuring & turnaround RSM is able to assist and support its clients in TURNAROUND processes and management, through the analysis and assessment of the company or group’s current and prospective business lines, negotiating with the main stakeholders, assisting in the potential restructuring of company debt, supporting management in th...

Corporate governance and legal compliance

RSM assists client companies, and therefore their corporate bodies, high management and operational duties, in implementing an effective and efficient corporate governance model. By adopting the best global practices (Co.SO Report, ISA, etc.), it provides assistance in identifying and evaluating company risks, understood as any future events able t...


In view of the new European Privacy Regulation, GDPR 679/2016, and Legislative Decree 101/2018, the regulatory context on data protection is evolving and is especially complex, given that the requirements introduced by the aforementioned regulation as well as the requirements of the Italian regulation (the Code and specific Provisions) are mandator...

Social responsibility of the company

The issue of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has progressively taken on a role with greater importance in strategic choices and in the development plans of companies around the world, finding its essence in the definition provided by the European Union: “company responsibility for their impact on society”. It is an important part of a ...