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Office contacts

Rocco Abbondanza
Managing Partner
Services: Audit and assurance

Giuseppe Caroccia
Senior Partner
Services: Audit and assurance

Luca D’Ambrosio
Partner – International Contact Partner
Services: Audit and assurance

Alessandro De Caro
Services: M&A Advisory

Giuseppe Farchione
Services: Restructuring and Special Situations, Business Consultancy Services

Luca Pulli
Services: Business Consultancy Services, Business Design and Digital Transformation

Fortunato Summonte
Services: Audit and assurance

Nicola Tufo
Services: Audit and assurance, Business Consultancy Services, IPO, Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services

Lara Conticello
Associate Partner
Services: Consulting services

Monica Barzaghi
Director (Salary Partner)
Services: Audit and assurance

Office Services

Statutory Audit Services

RSM provides statutory audit solutions to all manner of companies, from listed companies, public bodies, and multi-national corporations to SMEs. We believe that accounting is a means for achieving significant in-house growth. Our team of statutory audit specialists knows corporate processes inside out. Our auditors will assume the role of strat...

Acknowledgment and certification services

Acknowledgment and certification services are a large and nuanced set of activities. Due the continuous evolution of the audit principles forthese services, as well due their multidisciplinary nature, it is required constant update. RSM has been major playerfor the market in this field for the last years -both at a national and international level....

Corporate Assessment Services and Solutions

In business, knowledge is power. Our corporate assessment advice gives you unparalleled insights into your business and how it’s run. Taking a deep dive into your processes, systems, and departments, we’ll ensure you’re equipped with the ‘bigger picture’ and have a strategic plan moving forward.   Assessment of a company can ...

Forensic Accounting and Anti-Fraud Investigation Services

The risks associated with criminal acts within businesses have been growing over the past 20 years and are now one of the main factors attributed to losses. With criminal acts such as fraud at an all-time high, it’s never been more important to investigate any causes of losses. Our forensic services team has decades of experience investigating...

Industry 4.0 and soft financing

The industry 4.0 phenomenon is closely connected with innovation. But what do we mean exactly by “Industry 4.0”? Which are the benefits coming from this paradigm shift? Which are the measures offered by the government in this field? What is 4.0 Industry and how does it work? Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, is...

Crisis Management and Financial Crisis Support Services

Effective crisis management anticipates potential catastrophes that are likely to arise in your business and plans a way to navigate them effectively. No matter how stable your business is, the best companies plan for the unexpected. Whether you’re concerned about a crisis internally, externally, or just want to have the right strategies in pl...

Governance and compliance 262/2005

The Italian regulatory system, like the international one, has progressively tightened the rules of corporate governance and the requirements for the compliance with such rules. The ever-changing business environment requires constant adjustments to the company's organisational structures and control models. RSM addresses the issue of Corporate ...

Privacy and personal data protection

Social media, cookies, video surveillance, are an integral part of our daily life but can pose a risk to privacy. However, despite the interest in the subject of Data Privacy has seen significant growth in recent times, most people are far from having a good knowledge of the subject and the implications that the use of technologies have in lif...

Support services for companies in financial and operational difficulties - Restructuring

RSM is able to assist and support its clients in TURNAROUND processes and management, through the analysis and assessment of the Company or Group’s current and prospective business lines, negotiating with the main stakeholders (including  the Trade Unions), assisting in the potential restructuring of Company’s debt, supporting management i...

Sustainability services

Markets are more and more rewarding companies adopting initiatives and strategies for a development taking into consideration sustainability issue, and we see many examples. First of all from consumers, combining product quality with sustainability, and then from investors and from financial markets constantly searching for companies to inve...


Why is it important to increase and develop professional skills? Professional training represents a pillar of personnel management policies for almost all companies due its direct correlation with issues such as individual productivity, team working, quality, career paths, welfare. Increasing one’s own professionals also means responding p...

Financial Grants & Facilities

Financial Grants & Facilities business line uses a multidisciplinary team with juridical, economic and financial skills which are integrated, according to the specific subject, together with expertise from other RSM units. The team provides an ongoing scouting and information activity on reference legislative framework, as well as on current...

Monitoring Trustee

When M&A transactions giving rise to potential competition concerns are undertaken, the European Anti-Trust Authorities, including the European Commission, may request a Monitoring Trustee to oversee compliance with the Authorities' decisions, the fulfilment of Remedies and the required Commitments. Due to RSM's global presence, our Monitori...

KoalHUB-RACE: RSM startup accelerator and incubator

Startup phenomenon Startup global phenomenon, largely increasing in the last five years, represents a crucial aspect in innovation and new entrepreneurship. Any start-up must be designed to grow quickly. The capacity to create, conceive and innovate are the ingredients for a good outcome. On the other side, businesses need more and mor...

PNRR Task Force

The effort to relaunch Italy, outlined by the PNRR (National Recovery and Resilience Plan) , is developed around three strategic axes shared at European level: digitalisation and innovation, ecological transition, and social inclusion. The digitalisation and innovation of processes, products and services represent a determining factor in t...

PNRR - Tourism 4.0

Tourism 4.0: objectives The funds allocated by the PNRR under Mission 1 for "Tourism 4.0" (€2.40 billion) aim to improve the quality of tourism by (amounting to €2.40 billion) aim to raise the quality of the tourism offer through: Digitalisation: creation of a digital ecosystem aimed at enhancing, integrating and promoting sustai...

PNRR - Green Deal Economy

Within the scenario outlined by the PNRR, the RSM PNRR Task Force provides companies with decisive and publicly guaranteed support to make a growth leap in the name of sustainability, thanks to the financial instruments made available by the State. European Green Deal and SACE "green" guarantees As a national and international leader in...