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Francesco Pastore
Business Consulting Leader
Services: Consulting services area, Business consulting

Raffaele Salese
Partner - European Restructuring Co-leader
Services: Consulting services, Statutory audit area

Raffaella D’Attilio
Services: Statutory audit area

Office Services

Statutory audit

Together with certification, the audit activity allows companies to increase their transparency and credibility level to shareholders, customers, suppliers, banks and stakeholders in general. Belonging to the RSM International network – one of the most important in the world of audit services – allows us to keep up with convergence process o...

Acknowledgment and certification services

Acknowledgment and certification services are a large and nuanced set of activities. Due the continuous evolution of the audit principles forthese services, as well due their multidisciplinary nature, it is required constant update. RSM has been major playerfor the market in this field for the last years -both at a national and international level....

Industry 4.0 and soft financing

The industry 4.0 phenomenon is closely connected with innovation. But what do we mean exactly by “Industry 4.0”? Which are the benefits coming from this paradigm shift? Which are the measures offered by the government in this field? What is 4.0 Industry and how does it work? Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution, is...

Crisis management: RSM support for managing corporate financial crisis

Which are the enabling factors allowing a company to face a period of financial crisis? How to solve insolvency and pay back debt to regain confidence by financial community, clients and suppliers? How to guarantee basic activities for corporate continuity? RSM Team Crisis & Forensic is a multidisciplinary team including crisis and for...

Governance and compliance 262/2005

The Italian regulatory system, like the international one, has progressively tightened the rules of corporate governance and the requirements for the compliance with such rules. The ever-changing business environment requires constant adjustments to the company's organisational structures and control models. RSM addresses the issue of Corporate ...

Privacy and personal data protection

Social media, cookies, video surveillance, are an integral part of our daily life but can pose a risk to privacy. However, despite the interest in the subject of Data Privacy has seen significant growth in recent times, most people are far from having a good knowledge of the subject and the implications that the use of technologies have in lif...

Support services for companies in financial and operational difficulties - Restructuring

RSM is able to assist and support its clients in TURNAROUND processes and management, through the analysis and assessment of the Company or Group’s current and prospective business lines, negotiating with the main stakeholders (including  the Trade Unions), assisting in the potential restructuring of Company’s debt, supporting management i...

Sustainability services

Markets are more and more rewarding companies adopting initiatives and strategies for a development taking into consideration sustainability issue, and we see many examples. First of all from consumers, combining product quality with sustainability, and then from investors and from financial markets constantly searching for companies to inve...


Why is it important to increase and develop professional skills? Professional training represents a pillar of personnel management policies for almost all companies due its direct correlation with issues such as individual productivity, team working, quality, career paths, welfare. Increasing one’s own professionals also means responding p...

Financial Grants & Facilities

Financial Grants & Facilities business line uses a multidisciplinary team with juridical, economic and financial skills which are integrated, according to the specific subject, together with expertise from other RSM units. The team provides an ongoing scouting and information activity on reference legislative framework, as well as on current...