RSM Revisione e Organizzazione Contabile


Our values

RSM, a place to think and to work

RSM in Italy is a firm that deals with account auditing and certification services, tax and legal services and consulting, and is a member of RSM International. RSM is a young and dynamic firm that is constantly growing.

The capacity to recognise and anticipate the changes underway and to structure a reference system across more levels for shareholders is the basis for offering high-value services to companies.

RSM is a place to think and to work, a system of services and relations where knowledge, tools and vision are shared. Being proactive, having a vision, wanting to innovate and possessing skills are the key elements of RSM’s DNA.

Being sensitive and constantly listening to market demands and exceeding the classic service standards are the key differentiators from the traditional market.

In particular, RSM bases its culture on the consolidated quality of audits and the development of innovative guidance thanks to:

  • the operational and relational capacity of partners with consolidated international experience
  • the authority of a global network that spans more than 120 countries with 810 offices
  • the development of strategic innovative business areas, from communication to market research and from organisation to training.

Working and thinking

Integrity, reputation, trust and respect are the founding elements of RSM; strategic management elements of relations both internal and external to the group.

 Choosing RSM means relying on a firm with solid values, as a professional point of reference thanks to:

  • experience developed in Italy and abroad and for big Italian groups
  • quality and spirit of service, developed by creating a close-knit relationship with true knowledge about the entrepreneur and the company
  • different approaches depending on the needs of each client
  • respect for the rules that govern the profession.

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