Our values

RSM in Italy is a young and ever-growing entity belonging to RSM International, one of the world’s largest organisations specialised in audit and fiscal, corporate, and financial consulting.

The capacity to recognize and anticipate the changes underway and to structure a reference system across more levels for shareholders is the basis for offering high-value services to companies.

Being sensitive and constantly listening to market demands and exceeding the classic service standards are the key differentiators from the traditional market.

In particular, RSM bases its culture on the consolidated quality of audits and the development of innovative guidance thanks to:

  • the operational and relational capacity of partners with consolidated international experience
  • the authority of a global network that spans more than 120 countries with 820 offices
  • the development of strategic innovative business areas.

Choosing RSM means relying on an entity with well-established values, a professional reference point thanks to:

  • experience developed in Italy and abroad and for big Italian groups
  • quality and spirit of service, developed by creating a close-knit relationship with true knowledge about the entrepreneur and the company
  • different approaches depending on the needs of each client
  • respect for the rules that govern the profession.

Our values

Excellence, integrity, teamwork, respect, stewardship: these are RSM basic values, guiding our action to both our clients and colleagues.

  • Excellence
    We always strive to excellence, trying to be the best in what we do.
  • Integrity
    Acting ethically and honestly. We stay true to our values in every decision we take.
  • Teamwork
    We cultivate genuine collaboration within our clients and colleagues across the world.
  • Respect
    Respect of rules guiding our profession, as well as in relations with colleagues and stakeholders.
  • Stewardship
    Our growth is closely connected with our that of our staff, whose personal and professional development we are promoting, as well as providing a pleasant and inclusive working environment.
  • Diversity and inclusion
    We are committed to support equality on a daily base and to give anyone the chance to give his best, valorising one’s own ability and skills. Moreover, we have always promoted equal pay, since we believe merit should be promoted and valorise.
  • Innovation
    We deeply believe in innovation to support growth. Through in-house projects dealing with innovation, as well as global projects and the use of innovative methodologies, we encourage everyday our staff innovative mindset, to support our clients throughout their business strategic planning.

The Power Of Being Understood®

At RSM we are aware that meeting our clients’ needs should start from a deep understanding of their objectives, their strategy and business.

For this reason, we are committed to adopt a diversified approach according to each client’s needs and to build close,, collaborative and lasting ties with each of them, based on trust and objective sharing.

Creating a neighborhood relation and of true knowledge of both the entrepreneur and the enterprise allows us to provide a quality service and to foster growth. This is the basic philosophy of our motto “The Power Of Being Understood”.

Today more than ever the world is constantly changing. Globalisation has cancelled distance, technology innovation has revolutionized the way we communicate, and artificial intelligence is redesigning several aspects of our lives, both private and social.

The world is rapidly changing and so are the needs of each company, this is why it is crucial to rely on those capable of promptly meeting them.



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