Risk Advisory and Technology Management

Risk and Advisory Services

The environmental and market context where our companies are operating, has made it more and more necessary to implement counseling activity focused on planning and implementing control systems throughout all risk areas, and not just administrative or management ones. 

Any good governance preserves lucidity, forecasting ability and guide its own organisation controlling real or potentail risks which may be due to several factors: financial instability, legal problems, management and strategic errors, cyber catastrophes and attacks.

Risk management, therefore, protects businesses through a detailed study of functioning, as well as setting priorities, the best allocation of resources and equity, through speeding up and improving decision making and operational processes, besides heritage and corporate image protection.

Risk management process supports companies, prevents and solves risks in different fields, improving their competitiviness, economic-financial management and management in general.

Following such recent revolution, RSM has set a working team guided by Fabrizio Bulgarelli, dealing with consulting and audit functions with a special focus on Risk Management areas.

Fabrizio’s and his team’s phylosophy and approach are essentially based on considering the technological infrastructure as the true organisational frame of the corporate system. From such frame and with special risk assessment and gap analysis procedures, one can map sensible areas and implement adequate prevention and control systems.


To face challenges, support changes and support businesses, we have identified a team of professionals with the best skills:


Compliance, RAS e Internal Audit

Among risk advisory services, we support the Internal Audit function or, in case the Internal Audit function has not been appointed, we are available to take the full outsourcing of the Internal audit function; in addition we assist our clients to design an effective internal control system in compliance with the requirements of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and we provide independent certifications on the design and effectiveness of the internal control system (ISAE 3402, SSAE16).

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Data Protection e Data Security

Social media, cookies, video surveillance, are an integral part of our daily life but can pose a risk to privacy. However, despite the interest in the subject of Data Privacy has seen significant growth in recent times, most people are far from having a good knowledge of the subject and the implications that the use of technologies have in life daily.

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IT Consulting

Digital transformation and technological innovation are the heart of every company’s business strategy because they touch every aspect of their activity. Thanks to our technological expertise along with our knowledge of the business world, we from RSM support entrepreneurs in the personalized choice of strategies, business models and technologies suited to achieve the company’s goals and facilitate the innovation and transformation process that are necessary to compete in a market that is increasingly challenging.

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