Corporate assessment

Assessment of a company can be performed for information purpose or to periodically assess how economic events impact its own value, as well as in the following cases:

  • in case of selling of a company, so as to provide possible transferor and transferee with information about the value of the object subject to CESSIONE;
  • to check the data reported in the balance sheet of the company owning allowances or shares in other companies;
  • in case of selling some branches of a company;
  • in case of a dispute among partners following reporting of acting maliciously against the company, by one partner or more, or in case of price dispute for allowances or shares given to the partner holding right of first refusal;
  • to assess the business creditworthiness and to establish guarantee coverage for a financing;
  • to establish guarantee coverage for a financing;
  • to establish value of investment funds assets;
  • in case of merger or division of a company;
  • in case of arrangement with creditors, bankruptcy or liquidation of company;
  • in case of equity increase or phasing-out of allowances or share.

Several methodologies can be used for corporate assessment (income – based, multiple, asset based…). Each corporate assessment is a different case, consequently it is not possible to always apply the same approach. It is quality of single companies and assessment objective determining our attitude and the best methodology.

Among our clients there are both family-owned companies and multinational, thanks to our experience we know peculiarities of each sectors.

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