Corporate Assessment Services and Solutions

In business, knowledge is power. Our corporate assessment advice gives you unparalleled insights into your business and how it’s run. Taking a deep dive into your processes, systems, and departments, we’ll ensure you’re equipped with the ‘bigger picture’ and have a strategic plan moving forward.  

Assessment of a company can be performed for information purposes or to periodically assess how economic events impact its value. You may want to consider a corporate assessment specialist and consultation in the following circumstances:

  • If you’re selling a company, a corporate assessment can give the transferor and transferee valuable information on how much the company is worth
  • If you want insight into the data reported in the balance sheet of a company owning allowances or shares in your company
  • If you’re selling branches of your business
  • If a dispute arises among partners following alleged malicious acts against the company or share disputes
  • If you want to assess your business's chances of getting credit
  • If you want to establish a guarantee for financing
  • If you’re looking to establish value of investment funds assets
  • If you’re undertaking a merger or division of your company
  • In case of an arrangement with creditors, bankruptcy, or liquidation of a company
  • In case of equity increases or phasing-out of allowances or shares

Why should you consider corporate assessment support?

In a constantly evolving world, new challenges are presenting themselves each day. Therefore, it’s no longer enough to simply sell services or products. To thrive, businesses must be doing all they can to change the way they do business and innovate.

A key facet is conducting a corporate assessment. Using our corporate assessment solutions and methodologies developed over decades, we’ll guide you through the corporate assessment process. We’ll aim to understand the financial stability of your business so you can make important decisions equipped with the right knowledge.

As each case is different, we’ll use an approach bespoke to you, your needs, and your company. Our team of corporate assessment advisory experts will choose the best methodology based on your company and objectives.

Choose RSM for corporate assessment services you can trust

Working with clients across the globe in both family-owned businesses and multi-national corporations, we’ve established a fierce reputation for excellent corporate assessment advice and support for businesses.

Thanks to our broad experience, we’re well equipped to handle any challenges thrown our way. Our team of experts is well-versed in a multitude of sectors and understands the challenges and threats to businesses in all industry verticals.

If you’re selling your business, applying for funding, or just want a clearer picture of your organization, get in touch via email or fill out our online form. One of our experts will contact you to discuss your business objectives and how we can help.


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