IAS/IFRS and US GAAP transition and implementation

It is strictly recommended for Italian companies in a growing phase or active at international level as well as Italian companies part of International groups having knowledge of the main accounting standards adopted at group level, in particular International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS / IFRS) and American accounting standards (US GAAP).

The International Financial Reporting Standards (IAS / IFRS) transition process is not just a change in the accounting standards for the company or for the group involved, but is a complex process due to the impacts on the systems, on accounting and management controls, on management reporting, major transactional cycles and financial disclosure to shareholders.

RSM offers professional services and solutions for an effective and efficient IAS / IFRS conversion process. In particular, we provide integrated support in the identification of the areas of the financial statements and the administrative and accounting processes affected by the introduction of the IAS / IFRS and in the definition of an action plan to adjust the accounting principles, the processes organizational and accounting / administrative procedures to the requirements of the new international accounting standards. The presence and experience of RSM all around the world allows us to manage the above indicated process also for International groups.

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