KoalHUB-RACE: RSM startup accelerator and incubator

Incubatore startup acceleratore impresa

Startup phenomenon

Startup global phenomenon, largely increasing in the last five years, represents a crucial aspect in innovation and new entrepreneurship.

Any start-up must be designed to grow quickly. The capacity to create, conceive and innovate are the ingredients for a good outcome.

On the other side, businesses need more and more to promote in-house cultural change, and be contaminated by new ways of working, also thanks to Open Innovation. Businesses more and more see startups like think tank for talents, ideas, and new energy.

KoalHUB-RACE: RSM startup accelerator and incubator

Through its business innovation center, named KoalHUB – RACE (RSM Acceleration Center), RSM represents a meeting point between startups and corporations, offering itself as sustainable start-up accelerator and incubator, therefore providing startups with innovative services to accelerate their growth, also through partnership and marketing relations, as well as allowing corporations to enter multidisciplinary teams, new methodologies, and technologies.

KoalHUB - RACE RSM TEAM : startup accelerator and incubator 

What we do for startups

KoalHUB – RACE (RSM Acceleration Center) startup accelerator and incubator, provides startups with an exhaustive set of services, supporting them through all phases, from starting Pre-Seed/Seed to the end of acceleration activity with the sale of shares through Exit procedure.

What we do for corporations

KoalHUB – RACE (RSM Acceleration Center) offers corporations “contamination” opportunity with dynamic startups, as well as, committed and updated. By so doing any expert company on the market will have the chance to improve its own processes and invest on innovative systems.

Sustainable startups

KoalHUB – RACE (RSM Acceleration Center) is very much sustainability-committed, since it will incubate at least 50% of startups with a significant social impact, sharing a set of values sustainability focused.

Services and Value Proposition of KoalHUB – RACE: startup accelerator and incubator

Scouting & matchmaking

  • Pitch preparation
  • Pitch organization with RSM ecosystem companies (Italy and International)
  • Scouting skills

Mentorship & coaching

  • Appropriate governance systems
  • Hard and soft skills development
  • Problem solving
  • Positive leadership

Financial grants and facilities search

  • Market analysis
  • Support to calls and tenders
  • Scouting venture capital and private equity
  • Financial activities for extraordinary operations for obtaining financial resources

ESG Services

  • ESG Strategy
  • Sustainability reporting
  • Scouting and support in financial grants and facilities
  • Marketing and communication
  • Shareholders
  • Compliance and Risk Management

Development of marketing relations

  • Co-founder search
  • Partners scouting
  • Expertise and assessments
  • Communication campaigns

Business design

  • Idea validation
  • Value proposition
  • Customer discovery
  • Definition of business model
  • Business model canvas triple layer (economic, social, environmental)
  • Budgeting
  • Sistema di OKR

Business growth management

  • Control monitoring and follow up of Project Management activities
  • IPO
  • Management control – implementation and follow-up
  • Review of economic and financial documents
  • M&A
  • Management Buy out
  • Support in industrial plan preparation
  • Industrial plan review
  • Assistance in drafting of SCG memorandum and SCG review
  • Accounting and Financial Due Diligence

New technologies support

  • Offer of coworking spaces
  • Fast connection
  • Project Management digital systems
  • Management systems
  • G-learning
  • Collaborative digital tools
  • Process digital modelling

Business strategy

  • WHY, HOW, WHAT definition
  • Governance definition
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Definition of a Project Management Plan
  • Business modelling
  • Economic and financial analysis
  • Business plan
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • MVP experience (minimum Value Project)
  • Marketing strategy
  • Business case provision

Ongoing update

  • Communication plan
  • Training activities
  • Editorial plans
  • Lead generation