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In view of the new European Privacy Regulation, GDPR 679/2016, and Legislative Decree 101/2018, the regulatory context on data protection is evolving and is especially complex, given that the requirements introduced by the aforementioned regulation as well as the requirements of the Italian regulation (the Code and specific Provisions) are mandatory.

RSM has created a multidisciplinary team with specific skills and specialisations to effectively support clients to adapt to the new regulation, so that all their regulatory, organisational and technological aspects will be compliant with the GDPR.

RSM has developed a methodology that covers all phases of the Privacy project, directing governance and processes (roles and responsibilities, DPO, formalising procedures, etc.), in addition to managing privacy risks and gaps in relation to the earlier regulation applied by the client.

Multiple recent experiences with GDPR projects have allowed RSM to enhance its knowledge regarding the technological solutions that are available on the market.

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