Statutory audit

RSM provides auditing activities to listed companies, public interest bodies, companies belonging to international groups and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) caracterizing the Italian economic system and which may see accounting as a means for structural inhouse growth.

Auditors, who know corporate process in depth, become strategic consultants and with data and analysis can provide a different perspective in facing market challenges and allowing companies to increase their transparency and their credibility level before shareholders, clients, suppliers, credit institutes and stakeholders in general, in full compliance with independence and professional ethics requirements.

Being part of RSM International network – one of the world’s most important ones in auditing services – allows us to keep pace with convergence process of accounting and auditing principles which have now been implemented throughout the world for several years.

In order to confirm balance sheet compliance with reference regulation, besides competence and ongoing updates of its own team, RSM uses several IT tools, toghether with latest methodologies to provide customised audit.

Here are the main services provided in such field:

  • Legal audit
  • Audit on voluntary basis
  • Financial information audit for consolidation
  • Conversion and implementation activities of international accounting principles IFRS
  • Acknowledgment and certification services

Legal audit and voluntary audit

Audit is subject to specific rules, constraints, and principles, according CE 43/2006 European directive, then modified by Directive UE 56/2014:

  • Independence
  • integrity
  • objectivity
  • competence and diligence
  • data privacy
  • professional approach
  • well established technical principles

RSM Audit Team objective is, as the Regulations state, to “guarantee the regular functioning of markets and improving both integrity and efficiency of published balance sheets”.

For some subjects, like private companies, public interest bodies and bodies subject to specific audit requirements, audit services are demanded by D.Lgs 39/2010 as mandatory (such as legal audit), in the other instances may defined as voluntary audit.

Voluntary audit

Voluntary audit implies all the audit activities outside the regulation provided by D.Lgs 39/2010. Such activities also include complete voluntary audit of balance sheets, reviews, audit of some specific balance items along with selected audit methodologies on specific accounts. The service also includes audit of social and sustainability balance sheets.

RSM legal audit

Our audit approach is closely connected with the most advanced technologies available -  based on such principles as:

  • understanding our clients’ business
  • strict in-house procedures to guarantee quality and independence
  • deep technical knowledge of the market

These elements are assessed by expert professionals and for this reason we believe that appointed partners and managers should be present throughout the entirety of the audit procedure. Our approach is based on a continuous communication process between professionals and the client’s own staff and management, as well as on the knowledge of control instruments used to monitor company performance.

RSM adopts audit methodology used by RSM network in all countries in the world, compliant with international audit principles as well as audit principles applied in each single country.

RSM Orb methodology

During audit activity RSM uses audit methodology created by the coordinated work of all the teams of its global network and used in more than 100 countries: RSM Orb methodology.

Thanks to RSM Orb, audit teams have an innovative and potent instrument supporting them in providing a high-quality service, thanks to:

  • a consistent approach, with any number of operations, in any jurisdiction, customized according to specific risk and circumstances
  • innovative use of technology, to improve experience and audit result
  • reliability and the skill to find areas requiring a closer examination and critical judgement, therefore providing an added value to the anlysis and detailed assessment.

Artificial Intelligence applied to audit

We have developed our own audit software allowing us to operate with a very innovative approach, even revolutionary: the audit process is completely digitalized, as the same time providing paperless activity management.

Thanks to advanced analysis instruments, and to artificial intelligence in our system, we can do detailed and focused testing procedures, according to customer’s needs and to the activity done, considering the parameters of the specific sector.

Artificial Intelligence component can model auditor’s work when applying RSM Orb methodology used by RSM International network, together with detecting, anomalies, thanks to advanced algorithm which can detect frauds and proposing innovative cycle test functions.

Our software makes our audit processes simpler and faster through leaner and technologically more advanced procedures. It allows audit teams to work simultaneously on the same assignment, optimizing results and promptly solving problems or important issues during testing. The software also allows creating and maintaining a privileged communication channel with customers, who will enter a personal uses area thanks to which they can:

  • examine a detailed analysis of their own economic, financial situation, therefore obtaining a first performance assessment screening
  • assess the request of audit team
  • exchange information with auditors and download the documentation for doing the activities.

Communications, information and documentation collected from the customer and the data in working papers are received and preserved in compliance with European norms for personal data protection and privacy protection since the software is characterized by a web architecture equipped with best data encryption for safety measures.

Guarantee for quality, independence, and data safety

High quality standards

Strict controlling of in-house quality and external monitoring is performed by our controlling units, so as to guarantee the highest qualitative standards of audit activity: RSM is subject to CONSOB quality check, to Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and RSM International.

Ethics and Independence

RSM has prepared an ethical handbook for guiding employees, who attend training courses on a regular base. Moreover, all RSM network uses Global Relationship Tracker, to be able to find possible conflicts and to guarantee its independence in auditing activities.

Safety and data protection

All RSM companies meet standards of privacy and data safety, according to jurisdictions.

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