RSM Revisione e Organizzazione Contabile


Statutory audit

RSM core service is the statutory audit pursuant to Legislative Decree 39/2010 for private companies, Public Interest Entities (EIP) and Entities in Interim Regime (ERI).

Our approach, closely related to the most advanced technologies available, is based on the company and market’s knowledge and on the risk assessment of the company and its environment. These elements are evaluated by experts and for this reason we believe that Partner and Manager of the engagement must have a central role during an audit engagement.

Our approach is based on a continuous communication process between the audit professional staff and company’s staff and management and on the knowledge of the internal control of the company. Consistently to the RSM network worldwide, RSM in Italy adopts the RSM global audit methodology, that is compliance with the international auditing principles as well as the auditing principles applicable in each country. RSM is also subject to the quality controls from CONSOB, from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and from RSM International.

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