Statutory Audit Services

RSM provides statutory audit solutions to all manner of companies, from listed companies, public bodies, and multi-national corporations to SMEs. We believe that accounting is a means for achieving significant in-house growth.

Our team of statutory audit specialists knows corporate processes inside out. Our auditors will assume the role of strategic consultants and use complex data analysis to provide a different perspective for your business. By coming up with creative ways to face market challenges and increase transparency and credibility before stakeholders, we ensure businesses are compliant with the necessary ethical requirements.

As we’re part of the international RSM network, we’re world leaders in statutory audit advisory services. This global coverage allows us to draw upon our core accounting and auditing principles that have been tried and tested worldwide.

To ensure balance sheet compliance, we use IT tools partnered with the latest methodologies to provide fully customized statutory auditing services.

What statutory auditing services do RSM offer?

A statutory audit is important as they provide credibility to stakeholders and give weight to a company’s financial statements. By having regular statutory audits carried out by impartial third parties, you can be confident your accounts are true and transparent.

Having a statutory audit specialist carry out an audit of your company not only boosts stakeholder confidence but can also help improve processes and controls at the same time.

Some of the main statutory auditing services we provide include:

  • Legal audits
  • Voluntary audits
  • Financial information audits for consolidation
  • Conversion and implementation activities of international accounting principles
  • Acknowledgment and certification services

Legal audits and voluntary audits

The RSM audit team's objective is to “guarantee the regular functioning of markets and improving both integrity and efficiency of published balance sheets”.

For some organizations, you may also be faced with specific audit requirements. With our decades of experience in the field, you can be confident you’re compliant.

We carry out statutory audit services with independence, integrity, objectivity, and professionalism.

Voluntary audit

Although not a legal requirement, voluntary audits are key to a successful business.

As part of a voluntary audit, we’ll provide an audit of your balance sheets, reviews, methodologies, and in some cases sustainability and social responsibility.

Knowledge is power. This knowledge will allow you to effectively run your business and gain the trust of stakeholders.

RSM legal audit

Our audit approach is closely connected with the most advanced technologies on the market. As statutory audit specialists, our foundations lie in our understanding of our client's business, the ability to implement strict in-house procedures to drive quality, and a deep technical knowledge of the market.

Our approach to statutory auditing advice is based on continuous communication between professionals and the client’s staff and management, as well as on the knowledge of control instruments used to monitor company performance.

As a global consultancy, our methodology is compliant with all international audit principles as well as more niche concepts in each country.

RSM Orb methodology

During an audit, we’ll use our in-house audit methodology created by the coordinated work of our teams in more than 120 countries. This methodology is what we call the RSM Orb methodology.

Thanks to RSM Orb, our audit teams have an innovative and potent instrument allowing us to provide a high-quality service. RSM Orb gives us:

  • A consistent approach, with any number of operations, in any jurisdiction, customized according to specific risks and circumstances
  • Innovative technology to improve the auditing experience and result
  • The ability to find areas requiring a closer examination and critical judgment, therefore providing an added value to the analysis and detailed assessment.

Our Orb methodology is something we’re immensely proud of. To find out more, contact our team today.

Statutory auditing using artificial intelligence

We’ve developed our own statutory audit software solutions, allowing us a revolutionary way to audit. Thanks to cutting-edge technology, our auditing process is completely digitalized and paperless.

Our innovative AI means we can carry out detailed yet focused testing procedures based on our client’s needs and the parameters of the sectors. Our market-leading AI tool allows us to detect anomalies and fraudulent activity using an advanced algorithm.

Our software makes our company statutory audit service faster and easier. At a glance, using our software you can:

  • Examine a detailed analysis of your own economic, financial situation
  • Assess the request of the audit team
  • Exchange information with auditors and download the documentation for completing required activities

All data is securely held in accordance with GDPR and is securely encrypted for your safety. That’s just one reason why our clients love us.

Why trust RSM for statutory auditing advice?

No matter the type, size, or sector of your business, statutory auditing is paramount to gaining the trust of stakeholders at all levels. If you’re looking for someone that can quickly, reliably, and clearly tackle a statutory audit of your business, we can help.

Some of the reasons clients choose us for their statutory auditing needs are:

  1. Our high quality standards
    With strict control of in-house quality and external monitoring, we guarantee the highest standard with every company statutory audit. We’re also regulated by CONSOB, the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), and our own stringent internal checks.
  2. Our ethics and independence
    We’ve developed an ethical handbook for guiding our statutory audit specialists, as well as ensuring our teams attend regular training courses. If that wasn’t enough, our network uses Global Relationship Tracker. This allows us to find possible conflicts of interest, guaranteeing independence in our statutory company auditing services.
  3. Our safety and data protection
    All RSM companies meet standards of privacy and data safety, according to regulations where you’re based.

Boost transparency and get in touch with RSM

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