With RSM's global presence, the Monitoring Trustee RSM team has developed significant expertise in numerous countries, including Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Denmark, and Switzerland. We also have extensive monitoring experience in other jurisdictions, including the Middle East, Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil and Australia.


We assist the parties involved to implement commitments (monitoring trustee commitments) and avoid potential competition problems by offering the following services:

  • thorough knowledge of regulatory requirements
  • practical experience on how to implement monitoring trustee committments and on verifying compliance with the criteria
  • carve-out even in the case of fully integrated companies
  • feasible separation and isolation measures, including verification of firewall and IT separation
  • agreements between sellers and buyers (Sale and Purchase agreement, SPA)

Sectors in which the Monitoring Trustee Services team has acted include: pharmaceuticals, chemicals, telecommunications, healthcare, media, business services, software, financial services, branded consumer products, heavy industrial products, engineering, aerospace and defense.

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