The activity is divided into two lines of support: one for companies and economic operators; the other for contracting stations and granting bodies.

Support for companies and economic operators consists of: sharing objectives and scouting out the most suitable opportunities for the company's needs; verifying the regulatory prerequisites and the contestability of the call for tenders; preliminary verification of the possession of participation requirements; support in compiling administrative documentation and responding to requests for clarifications and additions from contracting stations.

We also guarantee continuous dialogue with the contracting station, provide support for the issuing of participation guarantees and full support in the structuring and revision of the technical offer according to the award criteria.

The support to contracting stations and awarding bodies, on the other hand, includes: assistance in the drafting of tender documentation and in the management of the tender procedure (e.g. regulatory support in checking the congruity of bids, in checking anomalies, in checking requirements, on the possibility of exclusion of an economic operator, etc.), as well as support to the RUP in the design, award and execution phases of the contract.

Out-of-court assistance is aimed at both contract and concession and PPP contracts.

Finally, judicial assistance before the Regional Administrative Court (TAR) and the Civil Court (Tribunale Civile) is provided both to companies and economic operators and to contracting stations and granting bodies.

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