Within an organisation, we conduct investigations into a wide range of issues, including internal fraud, intellectual property theft, conflicts of interest and breach of company policies. Our experience and expertise enable us to quickly identify areas of risk and develop effective mitigation strategies, thus contributing to a safe and compliant work environment.

Among our Investigation services:

We offer expertise and investigative skills to handle reports of misconduct with precision and impartiality. Our investigations balance transparency and confidentiality, ensuring the protection of all parties involved.

We conduct thorough analyses to identify and counteract unfair and deceptive competitive practices, providing the necessary information to protect your interests and maintain a competitive advantage.

We investigate the supply chain to uncover issues related to fraud, counterfeit products and unethical labour practices, supported by an in-depth understanding of the regulatory context related to the supply chain.

We offer specialised expertise in evidence gathering to support a compelling narrative in legal disputes and experience in in-depth financial analysis, including forensic accounting and financial flow studies.

We trace potential infringements such as counterfeiting, piracy, and unauthorised use of protected assets through investigative techniques like digital forensics, competitor intelligence, supply chain investigations, and surveillance.

We thoroughly examine the internal situation of an organisation to address concerns ranging from misconduct to ethical violations, ensuring a comprehensive analysis of the issues in question in a transparent manner and in compliance with local regulations.

Following a dispute, we facilitate asset recovery through global search and tracking services, leveraging a network of experts with deep knowledge of international regulations.

We conduct precise investigations into cryptocurrency transactions and holdings, ensuring transparency and regulatory compliance. We delve into potential fraud, money laundering, and other illicit activities specific to cryptocurrencies.

We offer services that uncover issues related to the operational integrity of an organisation, bringing to light cases of corruption or fraud.

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