Due Diligence

The due diligence process provides a detailed review of a target business from a financial, fiscal and commercial perspective, adding value by focusing on the key issues likely to affect the acquisition decision and the price.  

We adopt a structured approach to gather, analyse, apply and deliver the  information you need to assess and execute the deal. Our reports are issues focused, giving an in-depth understanding of critical areas and providing advice on key negotiation points and pricing considerations.

Our methodology encompasses the following main areas:

  • Identification of the key issues necessary to pinpoint potential deal breakers and appreciate better the implications of the deal. This identification is also  critical in enabling you to negotiate the final consideration to be paid for the business;
  • Evaluation of the purchase price through a detailed review and appraisal of financial projections and the assumptions underpinning these projections;
  • Assessment of  the implications of the proposed transaction structure and the determination of  alternative structures which may be more attractive from your perspective;
  • Advising on the financial, taxation and commercial aspects of the transaction agreement. Such agreements often contain financial mechanisms and fiscal clauses which can impact upon the price.  We work closely with your legal advisers to ensure that the final agreement includes the necessary protection that you require when buying a business.

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