Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance is a critical success factor for all organisations that aim to achieve their strategic objective in a cost effective way.

Where organisations adopt an adequate governance structure they can become more efficient, more effective and deliver better services to customers.  Nonetheless, the reality is that few organisations take stock and ensure these arrangements are as effective as they should or could be, unless driven by regulators or the cracks are starting to show.

RSM Malta’s Governance Consulting team are here to help you ensure that you get the most value from your governance, through reviewing, refining, designing and implementing practical and proportionate governance solutions.  

Compliance services

Compliance functions are continually evolving and developing to keep pace with the changing regulatory environment, that places increased demands upon organisations.  

RSM Malta has developed a comprehensive suite of compliance services to assist businesses with the ever-increasing regulatory and compliance requirements and the ongoing changes in this sector.  These services include:

Compliance Support Services

With the increased regulatory focus placed upon organisations, resource pressures continue to impact upon Compliance Functions.  RSM Malta’s compliance team can provide experienced assistance to cover any skills gaps and provide additional resource to help clients meet peaks in workloads.

Compliance Monitoring

RSM Malta can provide a tailored compliance monitoring service which efficiently ensures that our clients keep abreast with the latest development in the compliance matters effecting their operations.  Our involvement shall include assisting organisations to plan ahead and cater in an effective manner with the upcoming compliance developments.  RSM Malta can also assist clients in the selection of a cost effective computer based compliance packages.


RSM Malta also provides compliance related training courses and delivers organisation specific regulatory training.  Training is tailor made to the clients’ requirements in order to ensure that an effective service is provided.

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